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 2023 Home Bar Essentials

“All the elements in your home are an opportunity to draw closer to the people you’re going to have in your home.”

JoAnn Landon, Founder of Curated by Mavens.

Whether it’s the centerpiece at the table, dishware that you serve with or cocktails for a dinner party, it all plays a part. By being intentional with your home, you’re creating a deeper level of entertainment and connection. This month Dwell by CM is highlight home bar essentials to facilitate connection and engagement in your home.

For those of you who like to entertain your guests with a special experience, we have the basics in mind for your home bar. Wouldn’t it be fun to try out that TikTok recipe, and wow your guests with a fun new drink concoction? It’s all possible and attainable.

It can be intimidating when you see elegant setups in magazines, but it shouldn’t be. For every home bar, it is entirely up to you on what you want to include. You can start small and grow your collection. Just keep in mind that every element should contribute to your guest engagement.  

Dwell by CM has an arrangement of items to highlight your home bar. 


The Essentials


Total Wine is a great place to shop. Their store layout makes it easy  to follow. They carry all the well known brand and have experienced staff that can help you find new options too. What we love most is the fact the that they have some for every budget! 




It’s common to have Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Bourbon, and some kind of Whiskey (Rye, Scotch, Tennessee or flavored), and Rum.


Our Picks for Libations:

The Teasmith Gin
The Crisp Gin - The Teasmith Gin
Purity Vodka Connoisseur 51
Highly Rated Vodka - Purity Vodka Connoisseur 51
Casa Azul Organic Tequila Blanco
Give them something to talk about - Casa Azul Organic Tequila Blanco
Henry McKenna Single Barrel BIB Bourbon
The Spicy Ten - Henry McKenna Single Barrel BIB Bourbon
 Uncle Nearest 1856
100% Proof Tennessee Whiskey - Uncle Nearest 1856




As far as wine goes, don’t let it get too complicated. Start out small and build your collection with a blend of red and white wines. Keep your eye out for Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir. When it comes to wine, it may be best to start with what food you’ll be cooking. 


Different wines enhance different flavors in your food. For example, if you’re looking to host parties with roasted chicken, add a rose or dry white wine like Sauvignon Blanc. Pinot Noir can also enhance your meal. If you prefer steak, Cabernet or Syrah could be better choices. Begin with the experience you have in mind and go from there. Your collection will naturally grow from there.


Find all the perfect wine pairing suggestions on our favorite search engine: Pinterest!


Our Wine Picks


Brown Estate House Of Brown Chardonnay
Clean and Crisp Chardonnay -  Brown Estate House Of Brown Chardonnay

Brown Estate Chaos Theory Red
The Vibrant Red Blend - Brown Estate Chaos Theory Red


Last but not least, if you’re looking for an alcohol free home bar, we suggest you read our blog from earlier in the year Trending: Non-Alcoholic Drinks all about non-alcoholic beverages and all the options available in that arena.  


The Essential Tools:

 Dwell by CM has beautiful items to come alongside and add a splash of refinement to your home bar.

Cocktail Shaker | Gold
Our gold cocktail shaker is the perfect addition to any home bar! There is nothing better… except the matching Hanging Bar tools!
Hanging Bar Tools | Gold - Marble Base 
Accessorize your home bar with STYLE!
Providing precise and comfortable measurement, so you can craft your perfect cocktail in a jiffy!
Cocktail Muddler | 2 Sizes
Give your cocktails a raise and muddle in style. 
Infusion Bottle Kit
Just add one of our 1pt Infusion Blend packets (Try Pumpkin Spice!) to the infusion filter basket, pour in half a bottle (375ml) of your preferred spirit, and infuse for just 2-6 hours. No measuring, no waiting overnight (or for days). Infuse at lunch and have simple craft cocktails ready to go before dinner.
best pumpkin spice drinks of 2023

The Most Important Detail

Have fun with your home bar! As you see different cocktail recipes add juices, syrups, sodas and garnish. Take it as curiosity prevails and enjoy each venture with your guests. Create the most memorable experiences as you engage in good conversation and meaningful connection. 

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