Holiday Gift Guide: Self Care x Wellness Edition

Holiday Gift Guide: Self Care x Wellness Edition

This just might be the greatest present you Gift this Season!

The past two years have been quite stressful and unique. We went through the woes of the pandemic/post-pandemic stressors, social injustice, and life overall. Many people have had to face their fears head-on, find new ways to adjust to our new normal and find balance after these past events.

Self-care has been at the forefront lately to improve our all-over well-being. So, we thought it would be a great idea to encourage others to take steps towards Self-Care with a focus on wellness. Gift those you love to speak openly, focus on their inner, add balance to their lives through talk therapy and meditation.

We’re gifting inner - P E A C E this season!!

In this blog, we will break down our favorite giftable wellness services.

*Read our full disclaimer below: We are NOT medical professionals. We're simply here to help you gift well by providing the most up-to-date information on available gift options - we are not liable.

First, Let's Talk Therapy!

Get it “TALK Therapy about…” Okay nevermind-

So, what is therapy?

Psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy or simply "therapy," treats emotional distress and mental health issues. It entails studying and learning about the life choices and issues that individuals, couples, or families experience. It is delivered by a wide range of qualified specialists, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and licensed counselors. (Therapy Today)


What's the difference between the two?

How to decide between the two? The first question we would ask is, are you looking for this to be a one-time gift? Or are you comfortable with an ongoing gift? If you are looking for a way to give a one-time gift, talk space is your best option. From there, you can determine whether you believe your giftee would be word find the most value in a one-time 30-minute live session, something like a refresher restart. Or, if you want to give them more flexibility in talking therapy, you can choose the unlimited option from Talkspace. However, suppose you would like to give the gift of talk therapy, and you do not mind this being an ongoing gift. In that case, Betterhelp may be just the option for you! Your giftee will get features similar to the unlimited option on Talkspace. However, this will be a continuous service until you stop it or your giftee decides to end therapy. Also, please note this option will require cancellation.

Not sure if Talk Therapy is the right gifting option? We have more!

Let's Talk Meditation – No equipment NEEDED!

 What is meditation?

Meditation is a great way to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain. Depending on your goals, you can engage in various meditation techniques. Meditation has been shown to provide a variety of health advantages, including lowering the risk of heart disease, stroke and improving brain sharpness. It has a long history of increasing calmness and physical relaxation, improving psychological balance, coping with illness, and enhancing overall health and well-being. (NCCIH)

What's the difference between the two?

Headspace is for beginners, people who are just starting their meditation journey. It provides the best experience, with good guided courses and terrific short meditations for on-the-go users. If your giftee is a beginner meditator, it will help them start and continue the habit. Calm provides a wealth of resources for both the newbies and the seasoned mediator. The resource bank is lively and features mediations and sleep stories, masterclasses, and music. So, which to gift? It comes down to deciding which features will best suit your giftee.

Mediation with Trainer

Core – might be the best device made for meditation, breath training, and heart health monitoring, says Mashable.

 What is it?

Core, in simple terms, is for anyone who wants to meditate right and needs some support in developing a consistent meditation habit. If you want to ensure that your giftee practice meditation the right way, Core is the right gift.

So how does Core help improve a person's meditation life? Core developed a handheld meditation trainer with calming vibrations to help users focus and direct their breathing. This device works with its companion app for streaming guided meditations.

This trainer is a great on-the-go device- perfect for every time and space. It will help your giftee meditate more effectively in just 10 minutes per day! However, it is essential to note that you will require the trainer to attain the goal of Core, which is to meditate effectively.

Bonus: Here is a wonderful Talk Therapy Resource

Black Girl Therapy

An excellent resource for those seeking or curious about is Therapy for Black Girls! Dr. Joy Harden Bradford is out here doing the Lord's work!! She is a licensed psychologist in Georgia, and she founded Therapy for Black Girls in 2014. What started out as a blog morphed into a podcast and a Black Therapist directory. Overall, Therapy for Black Girls is a fantastic resource where Black Girls can go "To be seen, to be heard, and to be understood.

 All the links

Visit their Website, find a therapist using the Directory, Listen on Podcasts: on Apple Podcast: and Google Podcast, Follow them on Instagram, and here’s how to Support

Shout out to the mission: “Therapy for Black Girls is an online space dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of Black women and girls.”

Final Thoughts

It's the time of year where we all start to think about what gifts we want to give our friends and family members. Gift-giving can be difficult, but we are here to help you.

*Full Disclaimer, the contents of the following blog have not been written by or evaluated by a medical professional. This website is for informational purposes only. We facts based on information available at the time of writing and are believed to be accurate according to the best discernment of the author. This content is not intended to replace, nor should it be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 

Always visit a physician or other healthcare expert if you have any concerns or questions regarding your health. This blog is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

Additionally, suppose you or someone you know have a mental health situation. In that case, we recommend consulting with a licensed, trained professional physician or other medical and mental health providers. The above information does not constitute medical advice.


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