All About the COUPE!

All About the COUPE!
So, a Prostitute, a Queen, a Coupe walk into a bar…


What do they all have in common? Well, they're all a part of history!


How it started:

It all started by coincidence. Okay, unpredictable adverse weather conditions, to be more exact. In the 1400s, unpredictable inclement weather disrupted the European winemaking fermentation process. The weather was so bad that it prematurely halted fermentation in the cellars, causing dormant yeast cells to start fermentation a second time when the spring came with warm temperatures. 

Spring re-started the fermentation process within the bottles, releasing carbon dioxide gas. The carbon dioxide in the wine bottles created the tiny sparkling bubbles we all love, Champagne!

But before we loved Champagne, most people hated it. Because, Until the 1600s, it was mostly a drink consumed by prostitutes. Prostitutes would use it to sedate themselves, and many people found this practice repulsive and morally wrong. We won't dive deep into this part of the history because we're here about the glass!

Back to the glass! Yes, people once thought Marie Antione's bosom designed this wonderful (describe the shape) glass. Unfortunately, it was a bowl (a milk bowl) he designed and NOT the coupe glass.


How it's going:

Nowadays, this glass is used far less in the realm of sparkling wine or prostitutes. When you think of the coupe, think presentation, simplicity, and creativity because it is now majorly used to serve craft cocktails. Creativity is what is needed to make a craft cocktail (made from scratch; no pre-mixes). The majority of craft cocktails have lovely garnishes and presentations. And the average coupe glass holds 5 to 7 ounces of spirits. I've heard that 6-ounces is a decent chunk for the volume of spirits in one glass.


The Details

How it’s served: Chilled and Garnished!

Meter: Bubbles & Aroma

The perfect size: 5.5 oz is just right


Check out our favorite coupe glasses for gifting and a special recipe in case you are gifting yourself! #selfcare


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