All About the Bubbly!

All About the Bubbly!

What are Champagne Dreams made of?

A sweet summer brunch, with Champagne flowing, lavish floral arrangements, girl talk, and a little bit of shade Hunny!       

A girl can dream, right!

Welcome back to our CUPED series where we are discussing Champagne- Let’s get into it!!                                                                      

How it started:

Well, Champagne's dream was all chemistry. So, it is only right that it would have its own glass! 🥂

Before YouTube and the 'Gram-- Marquise de Pompadour was a well... How do I say this nicely? Marquise de Pompadour or Madame de Pompadour was a very well-known “influencer” of sorts. Okay, she…was Louis XV - mistress, actually one of his many mistresses- okay that didn’t make it any better- on a better note, she took her role very seriously!🥴… The history books detail many reasons ways she had influence, but one, in particular, is worthy of note.

Originally, Champagne was a drink associated with the poor and prostitutes. When Madame de Pompadour began serving Champagne at events, this forever changed that association. Champagne, along with its newly elevated association with wealth and power, also changed price as you could imagine.

And to think it was a drink made by a double fermentation mistake.

This drink is scientifically validated! The double fermentation makes millions of bubbles tickle your nose just right. However, the Champagne experience (among other things) only flourishes in a specific glass.

How it's going:

There has been an overwhelming shift from the traditional Champagne flute to the Tulip-shaped Champagne glass. A tulip Champagne glass has a broadened bowl that allows suitable space for the bubbles to rise. In contrast, the slender opening enables the drinker to appreciate the lovely aromatic notes. 

The shape of the tulip allows the carbonation to ideally rise to the top and tickle your nose with the budding aromas! It's best held from the stem rather than the bowl to avoid warming up our carbonated friend. 

 So, what to look for in a glass? Well, first, it's all about aesthetics. A glass made of crystal material gives a transparent view of millions of bubbles in your glass. Add a tapering at the lip to this crystal glass, and you've got yourself an aromatic dream! The perfect size glass sits somewhere around 6 to 7 oz. However, the majority of glasses are 8 ounces. Either way, a 4 oz pour or halfway gets you the right blend of bubbles + aromatic sensation!

How it's gifted:

Let's talk gifting!! Here are our favorite Champagne glasses- and YES, we included traditional Champagne glasses as well!

Our Top 5 Most Giftable Champagne Glasses:


Sparkling Wine or Champagne? 

“First all, I wanna thank my connect!”... the French – not Mr. Carter…

Why the French? “Champagne” is only produced in Champagne, France; if not its sparkling wine. Wines that bear the Champagne label are subject to strict regulations and being produced at vineyards located in the French region. Misuse of the label “Champagne” is currently banned in the US.

Level up your glassware Gift and include a bottle of Champagne! Not sure which to gift? 

No worries! Here are our French fave’s:

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